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The style was profoundly one of the best features in the work. The characters were magnificently well drawn and animated. The abstract backgrounds and creatures suited Zekey's theme brilliantly. Each creatures' unique rendered style and movement provided an abundance of stylistic innovation to the overall feeling of the flash. This is one of those films in which a plot isn't needed in order to appreciate its brilliance.

Ansel responds:

I'm glad you liked it enough to write such a good review :)


The rendering of the color orange in the film is pleasing. The animation is particularly fluid. The style you proclaimed that you've finally discovered is remarkably confounding. The film is pleasantly clever. It's impressive that you managed to complete this work in a matter of a day.

Very Creative

You were very creative in this project, but there were many details and elements that were lacking. First of all, the graphics weren't established very well. I understand that the graphics weren't your main concern and the precise focus of the animation, though it would have been great if you would have added an abstract or surrealistic background of some kind which would have strengthened the overall theme of the animation. Without color, the animation looks bland and loses its overall effect.

The style you conveyed was great. The animation was very creative and kept you guessing what would come up next. Unfortunately, it wasn't executed very well. You used a lot of straight lines to draw out the character and it sort of looked like a "connect the dots" puzzle. Try using the paint brush tool and draw out the character. Using this method, your character will look much more smoother and realistic and would pertain to the overall flow of the animation.

The music fitted the animation very well. If you would have incorporated any type of loud music, the animation would have lost it's relaxing and soothing effect. You did a great job selecting the music. Overall, you did an average job on this. For your future projects, try adding a background, use the paint brush tool for smoother objects and characters and to strengthen your Frame-by-Frame techniques and try to make the duration of the animation a bit tad longer. Other than all of that, you did a good job. Good luck on your future submissions.

Summary Points: Poor graphics, there wasn't a background, objects and character drawn too "jaggedly", very creative and nice overall concept, great selection of music, too short.

Wonderful. Just Wonderful.

You guys did an extremely good job on this. The graphics were top-notch and of high quality. The characters were drawn very smoothly and without any flaws. You gave many detail into the characters that it couldn't have gone unnoticed. The style was magnificent as well. The idea of an Uberkid with such powerful attacks and skills is quite original. I loved the special effects that you guys incorporated into this animation. The sword fights were very eye-popping. As a matter of fact, the animation as a whole was eye-popping. The 3D effects were very impressive as well. It provided much emphasis of the tension of the fight and elaborated it's overall stylish factor.

The music and sound was top-notch as well. The music fitted the action of the submission very well and the sound effects implied provided such a great experience. Every sound effect was chosen and incorporated perfectly. The violence, which consisted of the blood, weapons, swords, etc. implied in the movie were very well animated and executed as well.

I did find one thing I didn't like, and that is the abrupt ending. I could understand time was limited at the time you guys were animating this wonderful submission. But it ended so abruptly that it sort of surprised me. Other than that, this was awesomely animated and executed. Extremely well done, guys. Keep up the awesome work, and I hope to see more from you guys in the future.

Summary Points: Excellent graphics, great style, awesome sound effects and music, splendid violence and very well executed, although there was an abrupt ending- but didn't affect the overall rating of the submission.

Great as always

You did an outstanding job on this. Short and sweet indeed.

Graphics- The graphics were very well done. They were clean and very well polished and you used the shading technique very well. Although there was a lack of a more detailed background, the graphics were still very well done. Nice job on the graphics.

Style- Very well animated and very amusing as always. I like the style of the characters and I like the well-thought out joke. Outstanding style, original as always.

Sound- The voices of the snake and of the man were very well done. They were heard very well and I didn't find any flaws in them. I also enjoyed the sound effect that conveyed the bashing of the snake. It contributed to the overall humorous effect.

Violence- There was apparently a lot of violence in this, and was executed very well. Although I wish you could have been more detailed. It would have been better if you would have made the blood stream over the counter or splat all over the counter. Putting these few details could have helped the overall score of the violence catergory shoot up.

Interactivity- I'm sorry to say there wasn't any.

Humor- I found this to be very funny. I loved the expressions of Saint Patrick and how the snake would repeat how he would bite him. Humor is something that never lacks in your animations.

Overall- You did a magnificent job on this and I always enjoy your animations. Keep up the awesome work, and I hope to see more of your amusing animations soon.

Decent Work

You did a nice job on this but there is room for improvement. The graphics were interesting to watch but if you would try to draw the birds less "crooked", and more smoother, they would look much better. I understand the trees and the landscape were drawn in the form of a crooked state, which truly shows your style. The style was great. I like the drawings of the trees and of the landscape. You did a great job on that. The music fitted the animation very nicely and there aren't any flaws with it. It would have been better though if you would have added some kind of sound effects. For example, you could have added a sound effect that would convey birds chirping, etc. There also wasn't a plot of some kind, and if there was, sorry if I missed it. Overall, you did a nice job on this submission, just try to polish up more you characters, not the backgrounds, becuase they look great but the characters so that they would look more smoother and not in the state of a person who drew them very quickly, work more on length, and add sound effects. Keep working and spiffen up you animation skills and I hope to see more from you. Good luck on your future submissions.

Summary Points: Good graphics, try to polish up your characters, Very Nice Style, although there wasn't a plot to go with, Great Music but there was a lack of sound effects, quite short but well animated.

crushy responds:

What a review! I will be refuring back to this everytime a start a new peice of work, Its easy to understand your points, thanks alot!

Very Nice

You did a very good job on this submission. First of all, the graphics were very well done and were polished nicely. The man giving the news was very well drawn and animated. Another great aspect you had here was the great lip synching that went with the character. You did a wonderful on job on that. I found this to be quite original, therefore giving you a 9 on Style. Although there is a lack of a storyline or plot, the simple act of a Groundhog killing every spectator on the sight was very amusing. The sound was good as well. The voice acting was very well and was heard without any problems. The sound effects were implemented without any problems and they could be heard crystal clear as well. Nice job on the sound effects and the voice acting. The Violence was animated and drawn very well. There was plenty of violence in here and you did a great job executing it. The individual screaming for his life towards the end of the animation really added the finishing touch to this animation, by the way. Overall, you did an awesome job and keep up the outstanding work.

Summary Points: Wonderful graphics, Awesome Style, Great Sound, Nicely animated and drawn violence, Very Amusing, Very good Lip Synching, Great job overall.


You did a pretty good job on this, but there is room improvements that would make this submission even better. The graphics, or characters, were nicely drawn. But what could have made them look more polished would be using the shading technique. If you would have shaded the characters, they would have looked more smooth and of better quality. The Style was pretty good. I liked the storyline you had of the Uzi Union hijacking the headquarters of the Sun Mafia. The music fitted the animation nicely, but there was a lack of sound effects. It would have been great if you would have added gunshot sound effects and some kind of sound that would had conveyed an explosion. The violence or the blood was animated well but it would have been better if you would have drawn or included a wound of some kind that would have portrayed a gunshot wound of some kind. It would have also been great if you would have made the movie more longer or made the scene of the battle more extensive. Overall, you did a pretty good job on this but next time try polishing more your graphics, include sound effects, if it is a violence film and it requires people shooting each other, try adding in some kind of wound when they get shot, if you do all of this, you will have a much more polished animation. Good luck on your future sumissions.

Summary Points: Average Graphics, Nice Style, Good selection of music but there was a lack of sound effects, nicely animated violence or blood sequences but there was a lack of a gun wound of some kind, fairly short but nicely animated overall.

UMD-Sun responds:

yeah, it was short cuz it was an overnight job, you make some good points. I didn't add sfx cuz it was kinda a music video.


You have greatly improved upon from the time you joined the Sunday Comics and Toons Collab. Ahh, the good old days... Anyway, let's get to the review. You did a pretty good job on this, but there is room for improvement. The graphics, or characters need some working on. Shake could have been added more upon. What I mean is that you could have shaded him and added more details to him. For example, the straw on top of his head was just a stick. Try drawing out the straw and add those thick red and white lines so that it would look much more realistic and would even enhance the character's overall look. Another detail or improvement you could have added was making the characters, especially the characters that were talking, blink. It would have looked great and made the characters look more realistic. Unless, if in the real episode, they didn't blink, then I guess it was ok you left them without blinking. The sound, or in other words, the sound clip from the acutal episode was of good quality and there really wasn't any problem with it. The feature that was really good in your animation was the lip synching. You did a great job on making the lip syncing accurate and it looked really nice on the characters animation wise. Overall next time, work on the graphics or characters a little bit more (The background looked nice by the way), if chances permit try to make it a little bit longer and you'll be much better off. Very nice job on this and keep up the great work!

Summary Points: Average graphics, can be improved upon, Nice Style, Nice crystal clear sound, very great lip synching techniques.

pixelz responds:

LOL the characters were drawn as they are in the show, the scene features a less graphic intensivnessissity to it. Its more of a lip sync test, If your in need of practisiing lip syncing yourself I highly suggest using this clip because of the range of speed in the voices. Thanks for the review.

Very nicely done

This was a great animation and was polished excellent as well. It also had a great message that should be taken by every member who uses the BBS often. The graphics were great and I liked the fact that you didn't color them in, which indeed demonstrated your style of the animation. I found this to be extremely original, therefore giving this submission a ten in style. The mix of music was marvelous and it blended very well with the overall effect of the movie. The violence, or in this case, the gory and intestines drawings were very well done and executed. Very nice job on that. I also found this to be quite funny in the way you animated the characters and their somewhat funny expressions they had while they were in the train, or thread, so to speak. This was a great metaphorfic animation portraying how it just takes one user to ruining such a nice, on-going thread, in depth with easy conversation. Very nice job on this, and keep up the awesome work.

Summary Points: Great Graphics, Awesome Style, Great blend of music, very nicely executed violence, actually a bit funny, overall extrememly well done.


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