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The style was profoundly one of the best features in the work. The characters were magnificently well drawn and animated. The abstract backgrounds and creatures suited Zekey's theme brilliantly. Each creatures' unique rendered style and movement provided an abundance of stylistic innovation to the overall feeling of the flash. This is one of those films in which a plot isn't needed in order to appreciate its brilliance.

Ansel responds:

I'm glad you liked it enough to write such a good review :)


The rendering of the color orange in the film is pleasing. The animation is particularly fluid. The style you proclaimed that you've finally discovered is remarkably confounding. The film is pleasantly clever. It's impressive that you managed to complete this work in a matter of a day.

Very Creative

You were very creative in this project, but there were many details and elements that were lacking. First of all, the graphics weren't established very well. I understand that the graphics weren't your main concern and the precise focus of the animation, though it would have been great if you would have added an abstract or surrealistic background of some kind which would have strengthened the overall theme of the animation. Without color, the animation looks bland and loses its overall effect.

The style you conveyed was great. The animation was very creative and kept you guessing what would come up next. Unfortunately, it wasn't executed very well. You used a lot of straight lines to draw out the character and it sort of looked like a "connect the dots" puzzle. Try using the paint brush tool and draw out the character. Using this method, your character will look much more smoother and realistic and would pertain to the overall flow of the animation.

The music fitted the animation very well. If you would have incorporated any type of loud music, the animation would have lost it's relaxing and soothing effect. You did a great job selecting the music. Overall, you did an average job on this. For your future projects, try adding a background, use the paint brush tool for smoother objects and characters and to strengthen your Frame-by-Frame techniques and try to make the duration of the animation a bit tad longer. Other than all of that, you did a good job. Good luck on your future submissions.

Summary Points: Poor graphics, there wasn't a background, objects and character drawn too "jaggedly", very creative and nice overall concept, great selection of music, too short.

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Nice Game

This is a very nice game considering it was only made in one to two days. What old character inspired you to make this? Anyway, nice game and keep them coming.

Absolute-Requiem responds:

the old character was simple a blob like character much like the final version that i had doodled a few times in my sketchbooks. ( I like using ideas if they work no matter how old they are)


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